Raw sugarcane is used for making various forms of table sugar that we consume on a regular basis. Read the following article and get to know about the benefits and nutrition of raw sugarcane.

Raw sugarcane has stout and jointed stalks that can reach to a height of 6 to 19 feet. These fibrous stalks are rich in sugar, while they bear broad and alternate leaves. It is cultivated in more than 200 countries and Brazil and India are the largest producers of raw sugarcane. Our knowledge about sugarcane is often merely restricted to table sugar and sugarcane juice that we relish in summer. However, raw sugarcane is an excellent source of nutrition.

Every teaspoon of raw sugarcane contains about 4 g of carbohydrates. Raw sugarcane is free from fats, cholesterol, proteins and sodium. But it contains significant amount of vitamin C, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus which are beneficial for the body. The calories are only around 15, while a teaspoon contains about 4 g of glucose (sugar), which is the healthiest form of sugar.


Energy Booster

Raw sugarcane is low on the glycemic index which is the reason why it plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy body. It is mostly consumed in the form of sugarcane juice which is available in both fresh as well as canned forms. It provides glucose which the body stores as glycogen. This reserved glycogen is consumed whenever energy is required by the body. Sugarcane also consists of carbohydrates that provide the body with instant energy and refreshment. Hence, we can say that raw sugarcane is a real energy booster.


Disease Barrier

Sugarcane is beneficial for evading illnesses like common cold, sore throat and flu. Raw sugarcane is pretty helpful for people who suffer from dehydration. Since it is alkaline in nature, sugarcane is safe for regular consumption and is a substitute for aerated and carbonated drinks. Sugarcane also fights and prevents several types of cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is beneficial for those people who have febrile disorders. Febrile disorders are responsible for causing various types of fever that cause significant amount of protein loss in the body.


Digestive Health

Along with maintaining functions of the digestive system, raw sugarcane also improves functions of various other organs like kidney, stomach, eyes, heart, brain and the reproductive system. Sugarcane is also recommended for patients of jaundice in order to quicken the healing process. Raw sugarcane and sugarcane juice cleanses the urinary flow and maintains the functions of nephrons. Sugarcane is also considered good in the process of micturition (elimination of urine) and hence, it should be consumed by patients of gonorrhea, nephritis, cystitis and enlarged prostate.


Since sugarcane is free of simple sugar and it is also high on potassium levels, it has been found safe for patients of diabetes. However, patients of type II diabetes should consume it in moderation and only after consulting a health care provider. Sugarcane also works as a laxative, while drinking sugarcane juice with ginger juice, lemon juice and coconut juice is found extremely beneficial for overall health of a person.