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Hula Foods


In 1983 Kevin and Carol Andrews, owners of Plant Research Corporation, began manufacturing and marketing their unique sugar cane products in Hawaii. Hula Foods was formed several years later and is the brand name under which the sugar cane products are manufactured and sold. Hula Foods’ headquarters is located in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu.

Today the company involves the second generation of the Andrews Family. Sons Christopher and Robert and daughter Jennifer actively participate in the day-to-day operations of this family-owned business.

The Andrews Family and their employees remain committed to providing only the finest products to their customers worldwide.

Our philosophy
Committed to providing only the finest products to our customers worldwide
We are proud to work with
Y. Hata Co.
Davalan Fresh
VIP Foodservice
D. Otani
Armstrong Produce
What clients say
  • Hula Girl Foods’ shipment was timely, the packages were all vacuum sealed, and the sugarcane came out fresh and sweet as advertised.

    Frank S.
  • We love all the compliments and the “oohs and aahs” from our customers when they order our mojitos garnished with Hula Girl Foods’ sugarcane swizzle sticks.

    Elly Henderson
  • The sugarcane sticks are great and worked amazingly with the recipes we ordered them for. They’re a great addition to virtually any dish as they’re fun to chew on after eating anything off them!

    Jessica Albers

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