Sugar Cane Mojito Mojo!

Cocktail made from organic sugar cane sticks soaked in rum, mint, and lime. When a diner chews on the cane stick, it tastes like a mojito.

Mojito mix was made with dark and light rums, into which I steeped two bunches of mint leaves, 3 limes, and two vanilla beans overnight. I strained off the mixture, then let the cane steep in it for another night. The next day I pulled one out and chewed on it. It tastes, unsurprisingly, exactly like a mojito. I plated several more in shaved ice with chiffonade mint leaves and oxalis pods (which have a tart, lemon-lime flavor) as garnish. The sugar cane is lovely, very tender and sweet and juicy. The alcohol in the rum shines through, and it definitely feels like you’re drinking a cocktail, so flavorful is it. The cane is a great carrier of flavor, absorbing up quite a bit of whatever liquid you steep it in, and complimenting it with a sweet, lightly-molassesy flavor.


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