Our Products

Hula Foods has been manufacturing 100% pure and natural sugar cane products for over 30 years. Organically-grown fresh cut sugar cane stalks are placed in cutting equipment to slice the sweet core into sticks. The sugar cane sticks are then sized, cut into lengths, vacuum sealed in plastic pouches, and heat sterilized. Look for Hula Foods sugar cane products in jars and cans in the very near future.

Below are some of the ways to use our products.

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Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks

Stir up your spirits! Replace the plastic stir stick in your favorite beverage with Hula Foods eco-friendly chewable Sugar Cane Swizzle Stick. Swizzle Sticks are available in various lengths to accommodate different drink options. Spice up the original Rum & Coke with a Swizzle Stick and take rum back to its sugar cane roots. Or add a Swizzle Stick to your favorite Mojito recipe and enjoy all of the sweet, refreshing flavors infused into the stick. Complete the famous Hawaiian Mai Tai with a Swizzle Stick.

Sugar Cane Coffee & Tea Stirrers

Nothing starts off the morning like a cup of coffee or tea and a Sugar Cane Stirrer. Every sip will be enhanced by the natural sweetening of the sugar cane stick. Swizzle Sticks are great for iced teas and lattes too.

Food Sushi Sugar Cane Planks Skewers

Sugar Cane Skewers

  • Sugar Cane Skewered Shrimp
  • Vietnamese Prawn on Sugar Cane
  • Sugar Cane Shish-Kabobs
  • Sugar Cane Popsicle

 Sugar Cane Planks

Great for gourmet food presentation or grilling!



Want to share a remembrance of your visit to the Islands with your family and friends back home? Give them a taste of Paradise – a Sugar Cane Baton – an authentic piece of sugar cane stalk with its outer bark.

Sugar Cane Chopsticks

Surprise your kids with a natural sweet treat – Sugar Cane Chopsticks. Use sweet tasting eco-chopsticks for your dessert. Chewing the chopsticks after is fun!